Keleem rugs use woven tile modules of simple patterns which enables an infinite array of fresh compositions and unique designs. The tiling method allows you to modulate the design and colour but also size and shape. Keleem rugs can be made to fit any space.

We have created a design method to make your order for a bespoke Keleem rug as easy as possible. You simply chose from three categories:


Choose an existing design from our collections or new patterns are available on request.


Choose you desired colour combination from our Keleem colour palette. Our rugs can be woven in many multiple colours to achieve a subtle tone-on-tone look or a high-contrast graphic feel.


Keleem rugs are available in three standard sizes: 150 x 200cm (SMALL), 180 x 240cm (MEDIUM) and 210 x 280cm (LARGE). However, you may have a space that requires a smaller or larger size, or even a shape that is different than a rectangle, for example an L-shaped rug. The modular characteristics of the Keleem rugs easily allow for the creation of various shapes - we can work with you to create your desired shape.

When all three categories of the design process are signed off, your bespoke Keleem rug goes immediately into production and will be ready to ship in 8-10 weeks.

To learn more about the design process and to receive a free quote for your bespoke Keleem, please contact us at